Hydrophore System On Ship

What is Hydrophore System on ship ?

Hydrophore System is an equipment used to maintain the water pressure provided to the multiple areas of the vessel at distinct heights in order to keep the continuous water presser in all lines and on all vessel floors.

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Why is hydrophore System on board compulsory?

Hopefully, you understand that the demand for fresh water varies from the minimum freshwater consumption to the maximum in distinct areas of the vessel.

If you use a centrifugal pump straight to the fresh water line, the pump will frequently cut in and cut off due mainly to low water consumption, which rapidly lowers system pressure. The meaning of hydrophore lies here.

It acts as a pressurized reservoir that, with the help of compressed air, keeps the system pressure in a particular range.


Hydrophore systen

Because water can not be compressed, the use of pumps makes it very difficult to maintain pressure-they would be cutting in and out constantly. Systems like the main fire line, sprinkler systems and even fresh water systems are using a hydrophore to get around this. This is a part of the cylinder filled with water and the remainder filled with air. The air in the CAN cylinder is compressed and the air pressure on the water is pressed down.

The air is more compressed as pumps add water to the system, improving the overall pressure. By contrast, the air pushes out water when water is drained and the pressure slowly decreases until the pumps kick in again.

The use of a hydrophore enables the entire system to keep better a steady pressure without constant pumps starting and stopping.


Simple method to pressurize the hydrophore tank by adding more compressed air. The hydrophore tank is generally in auto mode; this regulates the hydrophore pumps ‘ cut-in and cut-out pressure.

But manually charging the system;
open the vent first,
And then start the pump and watch the level through the glass of vision (sight glass)
Wait a while until the water reaches about 70% of the full capacity.

Close the vents and open the valve for the supply of low pressure air.

Quick Charge up to 4.5 bar air pressure the hydrophore tank.
Once the pressure is reached at 4.5 bar, bring it slowly to 5 to 5.5 bar based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Avoid overloading, otherwise, air with water will come out of the taps. The water will not reach the top of the accommodation if undercharged.

Now the system is being transferred to auto mode. Now, when the pressure reaches 4.5 bar, the pump will cut in and cut out when it reaches 5 to 5.5 bar.
The system may need to cut in at 2.5 bar and cut out at 4.5 bar in small vessels or industries with small hydrophores. Make sure that the water is always visible through the operation’s gauge glass.


Mountings Of Hydrophore System

  1. Fresh water pump ( 1 and 2)
  2. Vent
  3. Suction and discharge valve
  4. Non return valve
  5. Hydrophore tank
  6. Low pressure air line (4.5 bar)
  7. Pressure switch
  8. Fresh water tank
  9. Pressure gauge
  10. Inspection gauge
  11. Gauge glass
  12. Relief valve

What is the reason why the hydrophore pump is running continuously?

◆Continuous pump operation is mainly due to inadequate air pressure, so charging air as per manufacturer’s instructions

◆ Due to incorrect pressure switches or defective pressure switches.

◆ Pump problem, such as loose suction, low capacity, increased water consumption rates, etc.

What is a hydrophore system?

It is a system system used in tall buildings and Ship to maintain water pressure at Different height.

What is hydrophore tank in ship?

A hydrophore tank is a pressurized vessel used for drinking or technical water supply when the pipeline pressure is low.

How does a fresh water generator work?

Fresh Water Generator Works on the Principle of Decreasing Boiling Point of Water by decreasing the Pressure.
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How does hydrophore tank work?

The hydrophore system is based on one of the most basic principles known as “Water is incompressible.” Water is stored in the engine room’s hydrophore tanks, which are then pressurized with compressed air from the air bottle via a pressure reducing valve.

How do you adjust a hydrophore pressure switch?

Pressure is adjusted by adjusting pressure knob provided on pressure switch.

Is fresh water generator water safe to drink?


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