Semester 5

2014-2015-5th Semester-Management Science and Economics.pdf

2014-2015-5th Semester-Fluid Machines-II.pdf

2014-2015-5th Semester-Marine Auxiliary Machines-I.pdf

2014-2015-5th Semester-Marine Internal Combustion Engine-I.pdf

2014-2015-5th Semester-Material Science.pdf

2015-5th Semester-Auxiliary Machines-I.pdf

2015-5th Semester-Marine Internal Combustion Engine.pdf

2015-5th Semester-Material Science.pdf

2015-5th Semester-Naval Architecture-I.pdf

2016-5th Semester-Management Science and Economics.pdf

2016-5th Semester-Marine Auxiliary Machines-I.pdf

2016-5th Semester-Marine Internal Combustion Engine-I.pdf

2016-5th Semester-Naval Architecture-I.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on Board.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Fluid Mechanics – II.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Marine Auxiliary Machines – I.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Marine Boilers & Steam Engineering.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Marine Internal Combustion Engine – I.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Material Science.pdf

2017-5th Semester-Naval Architecture – I.pdf

2017-Dec-5th Semester- Fluid Mechanics-II.pdf

2017-Dec-5th Semester- Management Science and Economics.pdf

2017-Dec-5th Semester- Marine Auxiliary Machines-I.pdf

2017-Dec-5th Semester- Material Science.pdf

2017-Dec-5th Semester- Naval Architecture-I.pdf

2018-Dec-5th-Sem-Fluid Mechanics-II.pdf

2018-Dec-5th-Sem-Management Science and Economics.pdf

2018-Dec-5th-Sem-Marine Auxiliary Machines-I.pdf

2018-Dec-5th-Sem-Marine Internal Combustion Engine I (1).pdf

2018-June-5th Semester-Fluid Mechanics-II.pdf

2018-June-5th Semester-Management Science and Economics.pdf

2018-June-5th Semester-Marine Internal Combustion Engines-I.pdf

2018-June-5th Semester-Naval Architecture-I.pdf

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