Gimlet Tool : Definition, Uses, Image, Drawing, Meaning, Functions, Parts

Gimlet tool : Definition ,Uses ,Image , Drawing , Meaning , Parts ,Types , Functions , Advantages , Disadvantages , Applications

Gilmet tool

What is a Gimlet tool ?

A gimlet tool is a hand tool used for Drilling small holes ,mainly in wood without splitting it.

Definition according to Joseph Gwilt ( an architecture, 1859 )  “a piece of steel of a semi-cylindrical form, hollow on the one side, having a cross handle at the one end and a worm or screw at the other”

What is a gimlet tool used for?

Gimlets are a traditional hand tool and old world tool

  • used to bore holes in wood without splitting.
  • They are extremely useful when making pilot holes for screws, especially in tight spaces.

Gimlet tool Invention and History


Gimlet tools have been in use since the 18th century.
These tools are invented because of problem facing with split of wood when drilling a hole with nail and screw.


The term “gimlet” is derived from the Old French guinbelet, guimbelet, and later guibelet, which is most likely a diminutive of the Anglo-French “wimble,” a variation of “guimble,” from the Middle Low German wiemel, cf. the Scandinavian wammie, to bore or twist. The term vrille, which is also the French word for a tendril, is used in modern French.

How it works or Working of gimlet tool

The tips of this hand tools Are threaded with With spiral cutting edge along the shafts. When the threaded tip is inserted into the wood, the shaft is drawn deeper with no additional pressure required. The cutting edges shave the wood and draw the waste out through the entry hole.

How does a Gilmet work ?

Gimlets work by applying light pressure and pushing them into the wood. Once the screw tip grips the wood, you no longer need to apply pressure and can just spin the gimlet to bore deeper. Do not apply excessive downward pressure, as it can cause the gimlet to snap.

How to use Gilmet hand Tool?

The Gilmet tool is very very simple to use.This tool has a handle on the top and simple shaft having a lead screw that gets drilled into the piece of wood.On the body of Gilmet ,there is an augur style bit present which Help in cleaning out the wood.

Set the tip of Gilmet at the hole .After setting up the tip of the screw at the desired location,Start the drilling with the lead screw by turning it down into the wood to the required depth.Then remove the gimlet and we have a precise hole drilled.

Drilling hole in the wood with Gilmet is a very simple and straightforward process.Only, you need to put tip of screw at desired location and start turning it with required pressure.The pressure required to drill hole depend upon the hardness of the wood.It’s very simple to turn the lead screw once it’s been inserted into the wood

Warning :- If you’re using a gimlet to drill a hole, don’t get too close to the end. It is because of possibilities of splitting out of the wood.

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Gilmet drill

Gimlet is a tool of carpenter.They used to drill a hole in wood.But nowadays,A gimlet tools can be seen as a predecessor to modern drill bits. A Drill bits is used for Drilling a hole in metal.

As we have seen that drill bits come in set four or more. Similarly, a Gilmet also come in set.

Gimlets are a very cost-effective tool that will last a long time if proper care is taken . The other end of a gimlet is a screw that, as it turns, pulls the tool deeper into the wood. As a result, once the screw has penetrated the wooden piece, there is no need to apply constant force.

Note :- A larger gimlet tool is simply referred to as an auger. The augur can be used for a variety of purposes.

Advantages of Gilmet tool

  • It is small and very compact in size. This makes it very simple for a woodsman or carpenter to carry it anywhere.
  • This tool allows for very precise hole drilling in a variety of projects. The project does not have to be a carving project; it can be of any type that requires the boring of small precise holes in wood.
  • To use this hand tool ,there is no require experienced person.
  • Less maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Easy to handle
  • A gimlet generally comes in a set,  comprising of all different sizes .
  • No need external power source to drive it. So, It can be used anytime without restrictions. It make this readily available to use.

Disadvantages of Gilmet tool

  • It is used to drill a hole mainly in wood not in metal plate ( require drill bits ) .
  • It is used to drill a desired hole of  size of screw # 2 to # 9. To drill a hole of bigger size in wood ,we require another toll name Augur.
  • Force required to drill a hole is limit otherwise , wood will be split into two parts.
  • This hand tools are slow and Take time as compare to power tools.

Applications of Gilmet tools

  • As we know that this is a hand tool mainly used for drilling a hole in wood without splitting.
  • Used by carpenter to drill a hole in wood.
  • To make a spoon hanging system for kitchen household.

Different Types of Gilmet tool set

1.Garret Wade Steel Twist gimlets- Set of 7 (seven )

Garret Wade Steel Twist gimlet tool Set of 7 (seven )

This comes in  a set of seven Gimlet tools. It consists of gimlets for drilling holes ranging in size from 2 mm to 5 mm (the hole size varies from size number 2 to size number 9). The design is rigid and has a long lifespan. This is less expensive than other market variants. It is manufactured in France.


  • A set of 7-piece
  • Very easy to use it
  • Inexpensive

Check pricing of this tool

2.Robert Larsen Gimlet tools – Set of 4 ( four )

Robert Larsen Gimlet tools – Set of 4 ( four )

This tools come in a set of 4 pieces.If you don’t need the entire set of seven tools for your job, you can get by with this four-piece set.

This pilot hole tool set is made of steel and is ideal for drilling pilot holes. This set includes gimlets in the sizes of 3,4,5, and 6 mm. This includes almost all of the most common screw sizes.

  • A set of 4 -pieces
  • Very easy to use it
  • Globally available

3.Taytools French Gimlet 7- Piecec

Taytools French Gimlet 7- Pieces

This tools come in the set of 7 piece.
If you want more flexibility in use them this hand tools is best option.This set is similar to  Garret Wade Steel twist gimlets.

The taytools French gimlet set, like the Wade Garrett set, includes 7 gimlets ranging in size from 2 to 5mm (or roughly 1/16 to 3/16 in). This is the most comprehensive gimlet tool set available. This tool set is also reasonably priced.

4. 5-Pieces Silverline Twist Gimlet, Bradawl & Awl Set

5-Pieces Silverline Twist Gimlet, Bradawl & Awl Set

This Silver line gimlet tool set has a slightly different appearance than the classic twisted design. The larger blue plastic T-handles are easier to grip and turn with minimal hand and wrist movement.

This set includes three gimlet tools (3, 4, and 5mm), a 3mm bradawl, and a 3mm carpenters awl.

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