Temperature class

What is a Temperature Class ?

A temperature class is a term assigned to instruments and equipment within a hazardous area or zone. Classification or rating signify the level of thermal energy allowed in a particular area or produced by a specific equipment.

It defines the maximum surface temperature of the components in the electrical equipment under normal and fault conditions

This maximum surface temperature must not exceed the gas ignition temperature.

It is stated with reference to a maximum ambient temperature of 40 degree Celsius.

Six Categories

  • T1 :- 450 degree celciusT2:- 300 degree celcius

  • T2:- 300 degree celcius

  • T3:- 200 degree celciud

  • T4:- 135 degree celcius

  • T5:- 100 degree celcius

  • T6:- 85 degree Celsius

For Example :- An electric motor may have a maximum surface temperature of 120 degree Celsius and would be classified as T4.

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