Diesel Oil (D.O ) / M.G.O Bunker line Diagram

Diesel oil bunker line diagram

In this article,I am going to explain Simple D.O (Diesel Oil ) / M.G.O Bunker line Diagram for better understanding and easy for you to trace Diesel oil bunker diagram for your ship.

M.G.O means Marine gas oil.

Requirements of tank for D.O and H.F.O depends upon the size of ship and Main engine.

In some ship there is 2 settling tank.so,not confused with these two line diagram.

Diagram including D.O and H.F.O bunker line diagram

Explanations of D.O (Diesel oil ) /M.G.O Bunker line diagram

Below figure is bunker line diagram of D.O / M.G.O Bunker line.

D.O ( Diesel oil ) / M.G.O bunker line diagram

Tank used are

1.M.G.O / D.O Service tank

2.M.G.O / D.O Settling tank only one settling tank.

3.M.G.O / D.O Storage tank ( port )

4. M.G.O / D.O Storage tank ( STBD ) No.1

5.M.G.O / D.O Storage tank ( STBD ) No.2

All these three storage tank is inside bottom platform of ship.It is also known as Double bottom tank.

There is two bunkering station

1.port Bunkering Station

2.Stbd Bunkering Station

On each bunkering station there is 4 manifold.

From both manifold port and starboard it meet in engine room.

This line goes to all 5 tanks which shown in the line diagram.

Actually D.O for boiler and generator engine is used from service tank.D.o is transferred to service tank from settling tank via centrifuge.

And the line, goes to service tank from Bunker line is for equalising.

Settling tank is used for gravity separation of heavy particles ,water and sludge from from D.O.

Thus,from figure we can understand that from bunker manifold, D.O bunker line is connected to filling of all tank.

Note:- Line goes to service tank for equalising.

Fuel transfer

D.O /M.G.O transfer pump is used for transfer fuel from storage tank to settling tank.

Suction line of transfer pump is connected to all 4 tanks (3 storage tank and 1 settling tank )

Discharge line is connected to all 5 tanks.In whatever we need to transfer fuel we can transfer by using this pump.

Note : There is 2 H.F.O Transfer pump.

Both H.F.O pump connected with suction of D.O tank for transferring fuel in another thank if D.O transfer get damaged.

Similarly,D.O transfer also did the work of transferring heavy fuel oil if there is problem in heavy fuel oil transfer pump.

I forget to draw over flow line in service tank to double bottom storage tank.

D.O bunker line diagram of very old ship

Below D.O Bunker line diagram of very old ship.

On ship, there are mainly 4 tanks used for diesel oil.

1.Service tank
2.STBD Settling Tank
3.PORT Settling Tank
4.Diesel Oil Double Bottom Tank

Diesel oil for main generator,boiler or for other uses,Diesel used from service tank.

Both settling tank is used for separating solids,and water from fuel.
Or, sometime it also use for bunkering diesel oil.(  On long voyage or in other conditions )

Diesel oil double bottom tank is used for diesel oil storage( more than 2 tanks ).

On Deck both side I.e port or starboard there is bunker station.

Explanations of Diesel oil Bunker line diagram

There are four bunker manifold each side.
1.Diesel oil manifold
2.Heavy fuel oil manifold
3.Main engine cylinder oil
4.Auxiliary engine crankcase oil

Now,we understand about Diesel oil bunker line Diagram.

D.O (Diesel  Oil ) / M.G.O Bunker line Duagram

Both port or stbd manifold meet at a point in engine room.

This line branches into three section.
1.Port settling tank
2.Stbd settling tank
3.Diesel oil Double bottom tank

Whatever tank we need to fill,we open the valve of that tank.

As we know that DO is used from service tank.So ,we transfer fuel in service tank via centrifuge from settling tank.

So,we need to transfer DO from Double bottom tank to settling tank or one settling tank to another settling tank.

For transferring fuel from double bottom to settling tank there is pump called fuel oil transfer pump.
Sometimes if we need to transfer from one settling tank to another settling tank then we also use same fuel oil transfer pump.

See the figure of line Diagram.

Suction line of Fuel oil transfer pump connected both settling tank ( there is quick closing valve ) and DO double bottom tank.
Note :- During bunkering from which line fuel is transferred to double bottom tank , through same line fuel oil transfer pump transfer fuel from double bottom to settling tank.

Discharge line of Fuel oil transfer pump connected to filling line of both settling tank.

This is line diagram of DO bunker

Note:- This fuel oil transfer pump also used to transfer heavy fuel oil ( May be H.F.O transfer pump )from bunker tank to settling tank and from one settling tank to other.

Read :- Heavy fuel oil bunker line Diagram

In settling tank main 4 pipe connection
1.filling line
2.Recirculation line near (filling line )
3.Suction to FO Transfer pump ( Valve is quick closing valve )
4.Suction to Fuel oil Purifier (Valve is quick closing valve  )

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