Main Engine Operations : starting, running and stopping procedure

What is the main engine Starting procedure ? Go and click the start button and it started. No it is not like this. Before starting we have to prepare our engine. So let us understand point by point.

As we know prepare our engine so i am listing the preparation step by step.

1.Main engine Jacket water System

As we know that jacket water system is used to cool the liner.

Jacket water pump continuosly run and maintain the jacket water flow to preheat engine. Heater is provide to maintain preheat. Check the level of water in expansion tank and if level down then fill it. Also check line of jacket for ensuring bthat there is no leakage in jacket line system. Note :- Main sea water pump is not running, here need to preheat engine so, only heater run.

Here, we need to make sure that jacket water preheat system is normal circumstances. Temperature maintain is 70 degree celcius.

Note :- do you know from where Main engine jacket water pump take suction ?

It take suctions from expansion tank. Expansion tank is fitted on height and is has some special functions.

Main engine starting procedure

Function of expansion tank : – 1. it provide constant head for the suction side of pump. it cause no air enter into the jacket water system.

2. It also provide space for expansion for water.

3. For chemical dosing.

4.Also give warning if level of jacket water drop.

2. Main lube oil system

first check the sounding of main engine sump. Make sure level is adequate. Start the main lube oil pump. Also start the crosshead pump. Now make ensure that pressure of lubricating system is adequate. Take a round and ensure all the parameter related to lubricating oil system is ok. Main bearing pressure, Crosshead pressure, piston cooling pressure.

Check the level of cylinder oil tank and required then fill it. Before starting make sure that rotate lubricator with hand.

Also start turbocharger lube oil pump. In some engine turbocharger lubricated by main lube oil pump.

3.Air Starting system

Start the main air compressor and fill the both the air bottle ( it takes an hour ). maintain the air bottle pressure. Drain both air bottle. Drain Air starting manifold. Open main starting air valve and air control valve and check the pressure of air control and air spring for the exhaust valve. This is work related air starting system.

4. Sea Water Cooling system

do not start main sea water cooling system, it is because it cools the jacket water system. so not able to preheat the main engine.

slow turning of main engine

Open the indicator valve. And engage the turning gear and not forget to lubricate cylinder by hand turning.

Why slow turning is done ?

if slow turning is not done then there is chance of damage of cylinder head and liner. If there is crack in liner or cylinder head cause water come in the combustion chamber and liquid is incompressible and when piston move up then damage cylinder head.

Before slow turning confirm from bridge that propeller is clear.

Turn the engine by turning gear one revolutions . During slow turning of main engine check liquid is coming or not. If coming then try to find the reason. If Everything is Ok then then Disengage the turning gear and locked it and secure it.

Blow through procedure of main engine or Slow turning of main engine on starting air.

you should must know the reason why we blow through of main engine. The reason behind blow through is to remove the condensate or leakage of water. Otherwise cylinder head or liner get damage.

Check the air pressure of the bottle. and pressure available at control air and air spring of exhaust valve.

Before turning the engine take permission from bridge. Propeller should be clear.

.Note : – Before 30 minute of departure, slow turning of engine done to make sure that engine is ready.

After get permission from bridge, Put regulating handle to dead slow ahead and press the air starting button. During blow through make sure that nothing is coming out from Indicator cock.

In modern engines, there is switch for slow turning. Select the switch to slow turn on the panel. after that give a kick by pressing air starting button.

Note :- During operations of telegraph from ECR . Bridge should follow your command.

meanwhile blow through, check nothing is coming from indicator cock. if coming try to find reason.

Make sure regulating handle is in stop positions after blow through.

After blow through procedure of the main engine, Shut off the indicator cock. Also Close the drain of turbocharger.

Now check the line of fuel oil system. All valve open , heater is working. Start the fuel oil booster pump and circulation is going on. Check and maintain the fuel oil pressure and its temperature. Make sure your fuel oil system is ok.

Now you get permission to departure. Confirm from bridge and your propeller is clear. Put regulating handle on dead slow ahead with fuel regulating and press the air starting button. Telegraph should match with bridge. Now your engine start. and you can slowly increase the speed of engine.

Now our work is to check all parameter of main engine is adequate.

The parameters are

  1. main engine lube oil pump pressure
  2. crosshead pump pressure
  3. Turbocharger lube oil pressure
  4. Jacket water pump pressure
  5. Main sea water pump pressure
  6. Engine rpm
  7. Turbocharger rpm
  8. Cooler temperature
  9. All Cylinder Exhaust temperature
  10. Main engine turbocharger inlet and outlet temperature.
  11. Booster air inlet temperature
  12. Cooling sea water inlet and outlet temperature.
  13. Air cooler inlet and outlet temperature

Keep your eye on all parameters and sound from main engine.

So, we understand that before starting our main engine, we have to prepare too many things. It is not like portable generators used in buildings, simply press the button and start the generators.

it is all about starting procedure of main engine. But now questions is how can Stop the main engine. So before stooping we have to follow the some procedure.

If you get order from bridge put the regulating handle to stop position. stop the auxiliary blower.

Now start securing the main engine like main air control system. Main engine air starting system , main engine fuel line. Now stop the crosshead pump and then main lube oil pump. Let main engine jacket water run.

This is all about main engine operations starting , running stopping.

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