Marine Diesel Engine Shipping Company Interview Questions

Marine Diesel Engine Shipping Company Interview Questions

1.What is Alpha Lubricator ?

2.What is Stuffing Box ?

3.Functions of Stuffing Box ?

4.Difference Between Safety Valve And Relief Valve ?

5.What is the difference Between Governors fitted on main propulsion engine and generators ?

6.What is Piston Rings ?

7.What is the functions Of Piston Rings ?

8.Types of piston Rings ?

9.Difference between 2 -stroke and 4 -stroke ?

10.Lubrication of Cylinder liner ?

11.What is Splash Lubrication ?

12.Why TBN IS High in 2 -Stroke Engine ?

13.What is Cylinder Oil Sealing ?

14.Which bearing is easy to lubricate and which is most difficult . Why ?

15.What is Hydrodynamic Lubrication ?

16. What is Starting Air Valve ?

17.Starting Air Line Explosion ?

18.Causes of Starting air line explosions ?

19.WHAT are safety devices for starting sir line explosions ?

20.Air Start Distributor ?

21.What is Tie bolts ?

22.What is pilot Air ?

23.What do you mean by pulse pressure and constant pressure turbocharger ?

24.Tell us advantage and disadvantages of pulse pressure ?

25. Tell us advantage and disadvantages of content pressure turbocharger ?

26.How we reduce NOx emission in cylinder and for exhaust ?

27.Difference between Constant pressure cycle and constant volume cycle ?

28.What is SFC ?

29.How to reduce emission of SOx emitting from diesel engine ?

30.What is Difference Between Scavenging and Turbocharging ?

31.What is Hess Law ?

32.What do you mean by water /oil cooled pistons ?

33.What is Indicator Diagram ?

34.Types of Indicator Diagram ?

35.Scavenges Fire ?

36.What is the functions of bearing in IC engine ?

37. Properties of bearings ?

38.Defects in bearings ?

39.Diesel Knock

40.How Piston Rings affect power ?

41.Starting air line Explosion ?

42. HOW To start The Engine ?

43.What is Tie Rods ?

44.Causes of Breaking of Tie Rod ?

45.How Fuel us burnt in 2 – Stroke Engine ?

46.What do you mean by air fuel ratio ?

47.How Thrust is Distributed in 2 – Stroke ?

48.How Thrust is Transferred to the ship’s hull ?

49. Alarms and Trips In the Auxiliary engines ?

50.Types of lubrication ?

51.What is K -value ?

52.What are Requirements for Loop System ?

53.What do you mean by surging ?

54.Causes of Surging ?

55.How to prevent Surging ?