Engine Room Management

What Action to be taken when notice fire ?

As soon as fire is detected the watch keeping officers should shout fire —-fire —-fire
And immediately raise the fire alarm
(Bridge should be informed)

If fire is small and in controllable condition by watch keeping officers, he should find nearby fire extinguisher and try to douse the fire.

If fire is out of control then watch keeping officers should run to master station

Check for oil/hazardous substances, pollution and possibility by one.
Determine any casualty and provide first aid if necessary.

Find out type if fire.

In case of engine room fire start emergency fire pump and close isolating valves.

Close all Quick closing valves and close all ventilations.

Contain and extinguish fire (using fixed system if necessary )

Keep ready all fire fighting teams simultaneously.

In case,fire is not extinguished by fixed fire fighting system then start fire team operations.

Set up emergency distress transmitter and keep ready for use.

Prepare lifeboat and keep ready to launch.

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