Engine Room Management

Procedure Adopted For Safety Dry dock ?

Fire fighting equipments ready at all time.

Fire detectors and fire alarm in good working condition.

Co2 flooding system door is locked to prevent accidental situations.

Safety gear worn including safety shoe, safety helmet ,goggles ,ear muffler.

All escape routes to be clearly marked.

Proper working permits obtained before carrying any work e.g. hot work permit.

All lifting gear should be in proper working conditions.

No unauthorized persons or chemical allowed on board.

Acetylene and oxygen bottles are properly stored and secured.

No transfer of all carried out in dry dock.

Safety lamp are used ( Never used najed Lamp)

Ship properly grounded to shore earth.

Fire line always ready with 2 hydrant, open hull work is carried out.

No boiler blow down in emergency,necessary notice given.

Safety meetings to be carried out every morning before starting the work in dry dock.

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