Engine Room Management

What Is Scope Of Dry dock ?

1.Ship’s bottom inspections and corrective as recommend by classification society or survey.

This inspection is carrier out as soon as water is pimples out and dry dick is dry.

In this, that defect usually noticed as dents which are deep and spread over small area are further examined to note the extent of damage to the students.

2.Bottom preparations and paintings per company paintings specifications.

This is first objective during dry docking commences on first day and continue till almost last day to dry dock.
Paint is applied by airless spray nozzle and the technical officer also inspect the blasted structure before primer is applied.

3.Anchor cable ranging and calibration.
Both the anchor along with cables are….

4.Ckeaning and painting of chain locker.

Clean wells are cleaned of used and accumulated water and painted with slow dry docking chlorinated rubber based paint.

Then work can only be done in drydock since anchor and chains are taken out in dry dock.

5.Building up valves pipes cast steel collerss at the both end
Due to frequent of rubbing chain links on the colleges during anchor dropping and heaving up the anchors colleges get heavily grooved and if neglected can cause damage to valves pipes.

6.Sea – chest cleaning and paintings.

All ships are fitted with at least 3 sea chest.

Their suction grids are dismantled and cleaned.

Internal surfaces valve to be scrapped clean of all growth.
In case of doubts casing plate thickness have to be gaye and renewed if necessary.
Zinc- anode ti be renewed.

After cleaning they must be painter accordingly.

7.Sea – suction and discharge valve overhaul and survey.
All sea – dictionary and discharge valve are to be overhauled dry dock.
Every alternate drydock they are surveyed.

The air/steam connections to dictionary boxes must be checked.

8.Sanitary storm valve.
All storm valves flaps will be
dismantled, their leather washers renewed and defective hinge pins renewed.
The roil pipes are inspected for any sign of excessive corrosion ,cracks
necessary renew carried out.

9.Rudder pintles,jumping clearances any repair and hydraulic testing.

10.Sacrificial anode or impressed current system.
All zinc sacrificial anode needs to be renewed.
Number of zinc anode must not be reduced.
If ship fitted with impressed current system must serviced and calibrated.

11.Damage portion of bilge keels need
To be renewed.
Any portion of bilge keel which will be found damagedwill be suitably renewed.

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