Engine Room Management

periods of rest and work hour as per IMO

ILO Maritime labour convention States number of working hours should be

8 hours a day under normal circumstances with one day as,

a maximum of 14 hours in any 24 hours period.

Maximum of 72 hours in 7 day period.
Provided with minimums of 10 hours in any 24 hours period.
A minimum of 77 hours in any 7 days perios as provided for rest.

A log regarding number of hours of work and rest every crew must be maintained at all times.However,an exception can be made to all above mentioned clauses in case.
Master can suspend schedule of work hours and hours of rest in situations of vessel distress and require a seafarer to perform necessary futies untill normal conditions are restored.

On return of normsl condition the crew involved in work during period of distress should be granted a rest period to avoid fatigue.

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