Engine Room Management

What are relevant areas of work in a dry dock for ship ?

Hull and deck machine
1.Ship’s bottom insoections and correctives as recommended by
Classification societies.
2.Bottom. preparation,painting,drying,blasting etc
3.Sea chest cleaning and paintings.
4.Sea – suction discharge valve overhaul and survey etc.
5.Iccp system and sacrificial anodes in hull.
6.Anchor cable ranging and calibration.
7.Cleaning and paintings of chain lockers.
8.Building of hawa pipes cast steel collers at both ends.
9.Winches and windlass jobs.

B)Engine Room

a)Main Engine jobs.
b) Auxiliary engine jobs.
c)Main and Auxiliary,Boiler jobs.
d)Pump repairing and maintainance.
e)Water tight doors maintainance.
f)Hydraulic system maintaince.
g)Maintaince of various valves.
h)Propeller shaft jobs.
I)Stern tubes and bearings.

C)Tariff Composition concerning dry dock

Tariff requires from dry dock comprises
A) Fixed dry dock changes toward general services and dry dock expenses agreed upon dry dock work.

b)Variable cast depend on

a) steel renewed
b)Piping work
c)Any additional work

C)Fixed drydock changes

1.Geneeal services.

Fire precautions
Electric power
Dry dock work
Providing gangway
Providing compressed air
Crane services.
Garbage removal
Telephone services.

2.Dry dock work

Hull cleaning and painting.

Name,draft masks and free board paintings.

Sea chest,strainers.

Cathodic protection.

Sea -suction,overboard discharge

Work on rudder.
Work on tail shaft and stern

Work on propeller.

3. Main propulsion machine.

a)Labour cost per day for
opening and boxing back.

b)Crank web deflection report.

c)Transporting parts to

d)Miscellaneous work.

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