Engine Room Management

Preparing Ship For Dry Dock ?

1.Make a repair and maintainable List,Create or Obtain Dry dock hand Book if necessary and assign to responsible staff.
Divide staff into groups to over see the work carried out by yard gangs.

2.All spare parts must be checked and repair item kept ready for use.

3.Previous Dry dock reports to be studied and previous clearances measured.

4.Clean engine room tank top and bilges.

5.Sewage treatment tanks,dirty oil tanks and bilges tanks be prepared.

6.Flushing Of bilge line is to be carried out prior to dry dock

7.Oil water separator filter element to be renewed.

8.For tanker all cargo tanks are cleaned
and gas free.

9.Minimum bunker (fuel oil and fresh water ) and ballast to be carried to dry dock.

10.All tanks and cofferdams must be sounded and recorded.

11.All heavy weights are secured prior to dry dock.

12.Pre -fighting equipment must be kept in readiness.

13.Emergency lighting and generator should be tested.

14.Escape route must be clearly marked.

15.All valve and chest to be overhauled must be clearly marked.

16.Co2 flooding system are secured and locked before dry dock.

17.Main engine ,generator and boilers are changed over to diesel oil.

18.Shore connections for cooling water and fire line readied.

19.Ship must approach the deck with even keel.

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