Engine Room Management

Action taken by engineer on watch keeping duties in following circumstances ?

When vessel isan outer anchor age.

At anchorage , engineering officers incharge shakl website

1.An efficient engineering watch is kept.
2.Periodic inspections is made of all operating and stand by machine.
3.Main and auxiliary machine is maintained in a state of readiness in accordance with order from bridge.
4.Measures are taken to protect environment from pollution by ship and applicable pollution.
5.Preventiins regulations are applied.
All damage control and fire fighting systems are in readiness.

2.Restricted Visibility :-

1.Ensure that permanent air/steams pressure is available for sound signals.

2.All orders regarding change in speed are implemented immediately.

3.All orders regarding change in directions are implemented immediately.

4.Auxilliary machine used for maneuvering should be readily available.

5.All the measure to protect environment from pollution by ship and applicable pollution prevention regulations.

6.All damage control and fire fighting system are in readiness.

3.In rough and turbulent sea :-

1.Lighting of all spare parts.

2.Maintain the lube oil level for all machine to avoid false alarm.

3.Monitoring of Main Engine parameters.

4.Rpm reduced.

5.Machine control setting should be put on rough mode

6.If an UMS then adequate and personnel to engine room.

7. The light and other opening to be closed.

8.Standby generator is to be kept on local untuk bad weather stops.

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