Engine Room Management

Describe time schedule For engineer for watch keeping duties ,indicate the period of rest as per IMO what circumstances can a master overrule and deviate from scheduled practice ?

Watch keeping scheduled
4 hours period of working with 8 hours rest for member of each hours??

Watches are decided as follows:-
8-12 —-4E 20-24 — 4E
12-16 —-3E 24-04—-3E
16-20—–2E 4-8——–2E

Chief engineer :-Overall efficiency of engine room.

Does not normally keep a watch.

2nd engineer :- Engineer in charche of 4-8watch.

Responsibility for maintenance of steering gear.

Responsible for HVAC and cold storage /fridge equipment.

Responsible for main engine planned maintenance.

Responsible for carry out IP checks through taking indicator cards on main engine.

3rd engineer :-Incharge of 12 -4 watch

Responsible for power generator maintenance.

Responsible for waste heater boiler plants.

4th engineer:- Engineer incharge of 8-12 watch.
Responsible for maintenance of fuel and lube oil purifiers and filters.

Responsible for maintenance of air compressor.

Responsible for sounding/ullege of bunkers.

5tb engineers:- Junior engineer amit senior engineer in watch keeping responsible for regular check of temperature,pressureof components of main engine,generators, auxiliary machine.Enter data into engine log book.

Checking and responsibility of air vessel.

Checking and pumping of bilges.

E/O:- Responsible for upkeep all electrical plant within engine room ,deck, accommodation.

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