Engine Room Management

What are action you follow during watch keeping in engine rom in terms of personnel and machinary and environmental cosiderations.

With respect to watch keeping at sea,emmurate principle thatmustbe observed by engine room watch keeper to ensure the safe watches one maintained at all time.

1.knowledge is the Base :-Knowledge gives a great boost’s to engineer confidence level and also result in more accuate job decision.One must kno basics of mechanism and tbei operations ,new friends and ucoming technology and maritime regulations along with their amendment.

2.Follow your instructions:-It is commonly said on ships that in order to become a good watch keeper ,an engineer must use all 6 sensing ( Touch ,hearing,smell,visuals ,test and kinaesthetic sense )

3.Go by book :- Always go by module and book.

4.Interptetting log book:- Interpreting log book means keeping a track record of all previous records of all machine.

5.Clean communication :- Efficient communication between maritime provisions and important factor for a safe and efficient operation onboard.Maintain a clean communication with seniors and crew members.

6.Never neglect any alarm :- Alarms are indicators or pre-warning of any abnormality in machinery.Some times alarms are faulty and give warning in every few minutes.

7.Do not hide faults :- If see any kind if fault while taking sounds,or having committed and mistake ,never try to hide it.Remember even smallest fault can become dangerous and would not be able to handle alone.

8.Call for help when in need :- Whenever situations are out of control or out of your understanding then never hesitate to ask for help otherwise it is too late to chehre ?? With it .
9.Obey orders :- A good watch keeper should follow eligible order from seniors who have better experience and understanding of machine.However his/her own judgement should also be used when need arises.

10.Follow alcohol policy :- Never ever carry out your watch under influence of alcohol as may interfere with your decision making abilities.

11.Avoid Fatigue :- Fatigue is biggest reason behind human mistakes on ship. Always take proper rest ,your free time and avoid working when fired.

12.Maintain clean working environment in engine room :- Always keep cleanliness in machinery spaces.Clean all oil rags ,cotton,oil leak must be identified and fixed . Clean and oil free engine room contributes greatly to overall safety.

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