Meo class 4 oral and written questions

61. How many types of AC motors are there?
62. What is magnetic hysteresis?
63. What is eddy current and how to minimize i
64. How many types of electric circuits are there?
65. Describe Kirchoff’s laws?
66. How many types of battery used on board ships?

67. What is the constructional difference betwoen AC and DC generators?
68. How to calculate number of poles ofa generator?
69. What arc the causes of zeTo voltage in a running generator?
70. What is the difference between an induction motor and synchronous motor?
71. What is the reading of hydromcter reading in full charge and discharge?
72. What is meant by transformer and rectilicr?
75. What is he units for voltage, curent, power and resistance?
74. Comment on the starting current whilc using a dircet onlinc starter for an induction
75. What is reluctance?
76. Class 4 EK MOTOR
77.Question April 2010.

With reference to exhaust valves
Why inlet and exhaust valves open into cylinder

(a) Describe how valves arc reconditioncd.
(b) Explain how valve timing is checked and corrected.

78. Question April 2010.
Select the corrcct statement and explain
An explosion in the high pressure air pipe line can be due to
Cyinder ar starting valve not opening
Cylinder air starting valve leaking
Wrong timing of opening of air starting valve.

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