Meo class 4 oral and written questions

79. Question April 2010, Sr 3 2010, Sr 6,4, 2, 2009, Sr8,3 2008, Sr 4, Sr 3 2006
Sketch and describe a turbocharger with a radial flow gas turbine showing the position
the bearings.
State the advantages.

80.Question April 2010, Sr 4 2008, Sr 6, Sr 3 March 2006/97
With reference to crankcase explosion state:
The condition that may initiate an explosion.
what may cause a secondary explosion?
How a crankcase explosion relief valve works?

81. Question April 2010. Sr No 8 2005
ecence to auUXIary engine fuel pumps:
a) Explain how a fuel pump, may be checked for accuracy of injection timing;
b) Describe how fuel pump timing may be adjusted after overhaul;
) Explain the circumstances in which it is considered necessary to replace a fuel pump
82. Question April, Feb 2010, Sr 2 2007, Sr 5 2006
Sketch and describe the operation ofa governor suitable for diesel generator.

83.Question April 2010
Sketch and describe a dicsel engine fiuel valve and explain its action.
Indicate the adjustment which may be done to the valve and explain their effect on engine
84.Question April 2010.
Describe, with the aid of a sketch, the air start valve for a large slow speed diesel engine
State with why a leaking cylinder air valve should receive immediate attention.
85. Question April 2010, Sr emergy 2007-2008, Sr 10 2005
The exhaust temperatures of an auxiliary diesel are found to be excessive and uneven at
normal load, with dark exhaust at the funnel. Describe EACH of the following:
(a) An investigation of the situation;
(6 The procedure to remedy the immediate problems;
(C) Any further action that might be necessary.

86. Question Sr 3 2010
Explain how on board test for EACH of the following are carried out.
a- Viscosity.
b- Flash point.
-Water content.

87. Question Sr 3 2010, Sr 1 2006
With reference to the bridge control of a large slow speed main engine, describe, with the
aid of sketches:
How engine speed may be controlled;
How the engine may be set for reverse operation

88.Question Sr 3 2010, Sr emergy 2007-2008
With reference to engine inlet and exhaust valves:
(a) State why tappet clearance is essent ial and why it must be periodically checked.
(b) List with reasons the likely conscquences of excessive and insuflicient tappet
() State how carbon build-up can occur during engine running and indicate the possible
cllects on cylinder perlormance.

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