Meo class 4 oral and written questions

21. What are the safeties provided on Main Switch Board?
22. Describe how a self excitcd generator works?

23. What is the function of AVR?
24. How will you find out earth fault in the system?
25. What is reverse power protection for?
26. What is Wheatstone bridge?
27. Draw the synchroscope system?
28. What do you understand by preferential trip and when they operate?
29. Describe AC and DC? Where DC is used on board ships?
30. What is induction motor
31. What are star delta windings?
32. What is a short circuit?
33. What is meant by earth faut?
34. What is meant by overload?
55. what iS Single phasing and how it happens?
s6. What is fuse and hoW many types of fuses have seen before?
37. Why an air compressor is started unloaded?
S8. What is the diterence between ordinary diode and zener diode?
39. What is the function of starter and choke in a tube light?
40. what is the regular maintenance done on batteries?

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