Meo class 4 oral and written questions

Question Sr 3, 2, 2009, Sr 4 2007, Sr 2 2007
a- Describe, with the aid of sketches, how an auxiliary engine cylinder liner is calibrated.
b-State, with reason, the positions on the liner at which the calibration readings should
be taken
c-State, how liner calibration reading s should be recorded.
d- State, wth reasons, the maximum liner wear you, as 2nd eng oflicer, should be
preparcd to accept under normal circumstances

Question Sr 3 2009, Sr 4 2007
Describe, with the aid of a sketch, the air start valve for a large slow speed diesel engine
and the protective device adjacent to t.
Question Sr 3 2009, Sr EMERGENCY SET, Sr 9 2007, Sr 2 2006
Explain how the following condition effect the power developed by a diesel engine:
roken piston rings.
Worn fuel pump plungers.
Fouled turbochargers
Worn out liner
Question Sr 3 2009, Sr 9 2007, Sr 2 2006
Explain why it is necessary to heat heavy oil before burning it in the Cylinder Of an
internal combustion enginc.
Describe a system whereby the oil temperature can be automat ically maintained at the
comeet figure.
Show the means employed for manually controlling the temperature in the event of
failurc of the automatic contros.
Question Sr 2 2009
Describe the proccdure for taking ME crankshatt detlcction, explaining all precaution
that must be observed.
Explain what deficction reading actually mean and suggest the action which must be
taken should readings be outside values recommended by the engine manufacturer?
Question Sr 2 2009, Sr 5 2006
With relerence to medium specd trunk piston engines:
Explain why multiple air inlet and exhaust valves are often fitted;
Explam the purpose of an anti-poishing rng;
Describe how effective piston cooling is provided
Describe the bottom cnd arrangement of a vee-type engine
Qucstion Sr 2 2009, Sr 7,4 2007,Sr 5, Sr 2 20066
With reference to crankcase explosions;
Describe the operating principle of a crank case mist detector
State THREE alternative indications of overheating or existence of conditions that might
Tesult in a Crank casc Cxplosion
State a course of action you as a watch keeping eng woukd take following operation of the
Crankcasc mist dctector alarmn
Question Sr 2 2009, Sr 2 2007, Sr 1 2007, Sr 11 2005
The exhaust manifold of an auxiliary engine under load turns red hot. There is no lagging
on the manifold. What efforts would you make to cool down the manifold? State the
efforts made without stopping the engine.

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