Meo class 4 oral and written questions

Question Sr 6 2009
Sketch and describe a device employed for continuous monitoring of the viscosity of
heavy fuel oil being supplied to a main engine.
Question Sr 6 2009, Sept 2006
Skcteh and describe a fucl injcctor for a dicscl enginc.
Done See April 2010.
State lour parameter that ndicate fucl njectors require mmcdiate overhaul
Done See March 2010.
Question Sr 6 2009,
The main advantage of unit injcctor over other fucl injection system is
Question Sr 6 2009, Serial 11, 10, 4 2008
DISCuss the propcrtiCs requircd by L.O lor use in;
Auxiliary diesel engines,
Sten tube bearings,
Refrigeration compressors
Give reason for the differing properties of the oils recommended for these three purposes.
Question Sr 4 2009, Sr 8 2008,
During normal engine operation a turbocharger rapidly oses speed and the speed
reduction is accompanied by appreciable noise.
State with reasons the possible causCs.
Explain in detail how the engine might be safely operated if the damage caused by this
incident is such that the turbocharger cannot function
State with reasons the Tactors which may imit engine operating speed with the
turbocharger out of operation.
Question Sr 4 2009, Sr 8 2008, Sr 5 2006
Sketch and describe the operation of a govenor suitable for diesel generator.
State why it is desirable to installa hydraulic governor rather than a purely mechanical
Question Sr 4 2009, Sr 8 2008,
Sketch a simple valve timing diagram for a 4 STROKE TURBOCHARGED ENGINE

Sketch a simple valve timing diagram for a NATURALLY ASPIRATED 4 STROKE
Comment on the difference between the above figures.
Question Sr 4 2009, Sr 3 2009, Sr 3, 2 2006
Explain how leakage of the under mentioned valves may become apparent to watch
keepers and state the effects on engine operation
Describe the immediate and subsequent action which might be necessary in each case:
Exhaust valve
Fuel valve
Air starting valve
Question Sr 4 2009
Give the reasons for progressive tall off of piston ring performance in service. State with
reasons which ring clearances are critical.
State what effects the face contouring, bevelling, ring cross section and material
properties of rings and liners have on ring.
Question Sr 4 2009, Sr 1 2008
State what is meant by shipboard machinery condit ion monitoring
Describe how typical shipboard condition monitoring is carried out.
State how the intormation obtaned by monitoring may be used to imdicate machinery
condition trends.
Question Sr 3 2009, Sr 5 2006
Explain why it is common practice to use-
(a) Four stroke engines for generating units.
(6) Two stroke engines for main propulsion units.
Question Sr 3 2009, Sr 5 2006
Show how the following defects would alter the form of an indicator diagram.
Partially chocked nozzle
Leaky piston ring
Partially chocked silencer. Partially choked air inlet.
Late opening of fuel valve.
Explain the cffect cach would have on the running of the engine.

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