Meo class 4 oral and written questions

Question Sr 2 2010, Sr 2 2007, Sr 3 2006
The main requirements which a fuel injection system must fiulfill are
(a) Accurate metering of small amount of fuel oil
(0) Conrol or quality of fuel injection
(c) Proper timing of the füel injection
(d) Selective distribution of the fuel in the combustion space
State cach one of the points made above are true or false. If any point you perceive is
alse, slate why is n 0.
Question Sr 2 2010, Sr 3 2008,
Sketch and describe a 2 STROKE CON ROD.
Question April, Sr 2 2010
Sketch and describe the operation of a governor suitable for the diesel engine of an A.C.
Done see April 2010.
Question Sr 2 2010. Sr 12 2009, Sr 3 2009, Sr 11, 10, 3 2008. Sr 12, 9, 8, 4 2007,
Sr 8 2006, Sr 5 2006
w.R.T. Turbo Charging system of an engine
e ne parameter hat you would checK while taking over watch
Give specimen figures for the above from the lasts motor ship on which you have severed
Action to be taken in the event or TC vibrating abnormally
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009,Sr 2 2008, Sr 8 2007
With the aid of a block diagram describe the operation of an electronic governor fitted to
an Auxiliary D\Engine

An engine tited with an electronic governor behaves erratically during load changes.
Explain the possible causes
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 4 2008, Sr 4 2006
Values of some mam engine exhaust temperatures displayed in the engine control room
difer irom those displayed on thc engine tor the same cylmders.
1) Explain how it may be determincd which readings are inaccurate
11) State possible reasons for these inaccurate readinggs
11) Explain how the kocation of the laults may be detected
b) State the periodic checks which should be carricd undertaken to censure that remote
engine Instrumentation is readings accurately
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 2 2008
What pressure charging system is used on modern slow speed 2stroke uniflow scavenged
Cngincs httcd with cxhaust valves?
Give the crank angles at which the exhaust valve open and close and the angle at which
scavenge ports open.
Qucstion Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 2 2008
Describe how you would deal with a scavenge fire in the scavenge space of a marine
dicsel cngine.
Explain the causes of such fire.
What measures which have to be taken to limit their occurrence.
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 2 2008
Sketch and describe a cylinder head for a large diesel engine and show the provision
made for cooling.
Explain how cylinder head for a large diesel engine water space is examined and state the
usual causCs of cracking.
Question Sr 1 2010. Sr 10 2009, Sr 2 2008
Explain why large slow speed diesel engines may have a barred speed range and why the
Cnginc must not be operatcd continuously within that range.
Explain hoOw barred speed range is avoided when on bridge control.

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