1. Good chemical stability :-Lube oil should not chemically react with refrigerant used or material.
  2. Good thermal stability :-In the compressor , lube oil used should not form hard carbon deposits or hotspots.
  3. Low Viscosity :-lube oil viscosity should be low to maintain the good lubrication properties at high temperature & good fluidity at low temperature.
  4. Low wax viscosity :-Lube oil form wax at low temperature.So, Lube oil must have low wax content which did the work of blocking filter cand decrease the pressure of the lube oil .
  5. Low pour point :- Lube oil ability to remain in fluid state at a plant evaporation temperature.
  6. Low floc point :_This is one of the important property of the lube oil in the refrigeration system which happens only in the presence of lube oil.
  7. Moisture and anti foaming characteristics

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